If your ethics and values align with ours, HOBY UK would love to have your support. Below is a list of services and products needed.

You can attach your company logo to sponsored items and we will also create a link from our website to yours.

  • Gift in Kind Donation – for our fundraising events
  • Prizes and trophies – for seminar competitions
  • Printing Services – for brochures, program books, registration materials, business cards, stationery, invitations, postcards, etc.
  • Beverages and Food/Snacks – for our seminars and workshops
  • Digital Cameras – for our communications team
  • Mailing and Postage Services – to assist us in distributing our materials
  • Printed T-Shirts – for our delegates and volunteers
  • Office Supplies – binders, highlighters, pens, folders, notebooks, lanyards, name tags , tote bags/ back packs (for delegates at our seminars and workshops)
  • Re-fillable water bottles
  • Conference signage, backdrops and pop-ups
  • HOBY UK branded merchandise – for sale in our HOBY shop
  • ‘Sponsor a Delegate Place’ – enable a young person to attend the HOBY UK seminar, or an international leadership conference

If you can help with any of these items or have other donation ideas, please contact John at 07974 733939 or jsharples@hoby.org.uk.