Our Executive Team

Since our establishment in 2006, HOBY UK has revolved around Annual Seminars. As our organisation has grown over the years, so too has our network of amazing volunteers; without whom, HOBY UK could not function.

In 2020, for the first time in our history, we appointed our first ever team of permanent volunteers!

The Executive Committee lead their respective teams and make sure that HOBY UK continues to grow, year round – to reach and inspire more young leaders.

N.B. Seminar and workshop (CleW) teams will continue to be appointed, as required. Keep an eye out for new volunteering opportunities in the future.

John Sharples
John Sharples- CEO -
Regan Leahy
Regan Leahy- Consultant -
Rosemary Panting
Rosemary Panting- Executive Director of Finance -
Harry McDonald
Harry McDonald- Seminar Chair -
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*click to apply*- Executive Director of Programmes -
Mohsin Kahn
Mohsin Kahn- Executive Director of Volunteers -
Danny Sharples
Danny Sharples- Executive Director of Communications -
Paigan Gibbons
Paigan Gibbons- Seminar Team -
Caitlin Robinson
Caitlin Robinson- Programme Team -
Chloe Barnett-Benedikti
Chloe Barnett-Benedikti- Alumni Association Chair -
Abi Jackson
Abi Jackson- Communications Team -

Our Trustees

Stuart Jamieson
Stuart Jamieson- Chair -
Robin Barnett
Robin Barnett
Robert Coward
Robert Coward
Sue Goodrum
Sue Goodrum